Why therapy?

Therapy is a healthcare tool that is used to improve your mental well-being.  It can be necessary if there is a difficult event, painful memory, or just a continual sense of anxiety or depression which you cannot shake.  It is also a means of maintenance for mental health.  Many perceive therapy to be needed only if there's a "problem", but often we are not aware that we have a problem in our thinking because of our own environment.  Therapy can bee a fantastic way to gain a new perspective and make improvements for your mental growth. Think of it as a well-check for your mind!

The Work

Achieving mental well-being requires personal insight and awareness of self.  We will work together to identify any stuck points in your life and relationships, collaborate to identify solutions to them, and then implement the tools and skills needed to improve your personal outcomes.  

For many clients, the experience of having a non-judgemental presence to hear your story and see your struggles can be a key step in beginning to heal past hurts.  

As a therapist, I employ many different tools to help you achieve the level of insight and awareness that you seek.  Talk therapy, as well as Brainspotting, Sand Tray Therapy, and Experiential Therapy will all be utilized.  I am a brain-based therapist, which means we will be identifying the important areas of integration that we will need to achieve for your best outcome. 


Next Steps

You're ready to start the process, now what?  

First - You can call to schedule your initial appointment at 316-667-9979 or you can select "Request an Appointment" below.

Second - Complete the initial paperwork through the Client Portal (e-mail sent after first appointment scheduled).

Finally - Arrive first session with any questions or additional documentation that might be helpful.

Insurance Accepted:  

BCBS KS             ProviDrs Care           Optum

Self Pay Welcome